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hazrat syed fazal hussain shah(zikar e Allah with followers)

Syed Fazal Hussain Shah Mashehdi was born in village Baikan Wala in the city of Gujrat at First Ramadan ul Mubarik 1330 hijri (Monday, 1909 AD). His father's name was Syed Nawab Ali Shah who was native of Shah Pur Syedan near Jehlum. Syed Fazal Hussain Shah was very spiritual by birth. Normally newly born babies use to cry, but Syed Fazal Husain Shah was not ordinary. He used to move his lips quietly showing that he is reciting when He was young. The day He came in this world, He didn't drink any milk till the time of Aftar and this was continued whole month of Ramadan. He said himself " I used to listen Tilawat e Quran before my birth". Syed Fazal Hussain Shah were five brothers i.e. Syed Nazar Hussain Shah, Syed Fazal Hussain Shah, Syed Shabbir Hussain Shah, Syed Sajad Hussain Shah, Syed Gulzar Hussain Shah.At very young age, His parents noticed that He was not an ordinary child. He don't take part in children activities and playing, However He liked to be alone. At the age of three, His parents sent Him in primary school. He studied there for two years. No one could have ever imagined that a boy who spend only 2 years in school will become a very noble and spiritual in future. At the age of five, His parents sent Him to a Alim e Din and Hafiz Dost Muhammad for religious education. There He studied Quran and Ilm e Hadith for two years. In His childhood, He used to take goats for feeding. Because of His simple nature, His fellow boys stolen His one goat. When he came back home, His father said that one goat is missing and asked for it. He went back and asked his fellow boys. Boys replied that Hazrat Khizer took his goat. After hearing this, He went back and at the edge of a well He slept while shouting "Hazrat Khizer, please return back my goat". Then in His dream, Hazrat Khizer Came and told Him that He didn't have His goat and said Him that as one man will come from Hazrat Sultan Bahu so it will be better for Him to go with that man.After few days, one man came whose name was Muhammad Khan and asked His father that he wanted to take His son to Hazrat Sultan Noor Ahmad. As His father had a dream that Hazrat Sultan wanted His son for religious and spiritual purpose, He sent His son with that man. That Man brought Him to Darbar Sultan Bahu.At 1337 Hijri (1916 AD) He arrived at Darbar Sultan Bahu. There Sajada Nasheen Noor Ahmad Sultan took His Bait with the permission of Holy Prophet PBUH and sent Him to Syed Juma Shah Sarkar Mashehdi for spiritual education and Amli Tafseer. After spending few months there, He came back to Tappa Garhi to Karam Ilahi also known as Kawan Wali Sarkar and there in Jamia Masjid Peer Wilayat Ali Shah, He started studying Quran e Majeed. There He studied till Surah Yusuf and went to Ali Pur Sayedan. During this, He did Chilla Kashi at Darbar of Haji Muhammad Deen Sahib also known as Shah Dola wali and returned back after completion at 1338 Hijri (1917 AD).After coming back from Germany, He went to Darbar Hazrat Sultan Bahu and fulfilled their duties. He used to visit people and taught them the teaching of Hazrat Sultan Bahu and brighten their hearts. After that, a time came when His Murshid present Him in front of Hazrat Maula Ali (RA) and Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad PBUH. From their He got ,He wanted. Before getting khilafat He raised three wishes there which were fulfilled. They are as follows,
Whoever take bait on my hand, will succeed and become fortunate.
If my follower wanted to have my help even from thousands miles, my soul will help him in spiritual way.
Wherever my follower will be at his last breaths, I know him and at that time I will myself recite him Kalma Tayaba.
He got these three points with permission to leave. At that time, He was 40 years old. He left Darbar Hazrat Sultan Bahu with one horse, one dress and 2 derwaish. His Murshid said that keep going till sunset. He said to His Murshid that when parents sent their child, they used to give him something to spend life. His Murshid replied that He put Him on the door Giver (Almighty God) Who will never made him poor.
So when his horse stopped at Sunset, it was Ainu-aal and He stayed there about 8 years.Before one year of his death, many symbols were showing that he will no longer stay with us. He used to say people that now people will come to see Him not He. Before one month and eleven days, Muhammad Shareef Afi (His follower) came to see him at Dar ul Fazal. That time Syed Arif Sultan and Syed Basharat Hussain was also there. There He said him that He's not going to stay longer with them and they (Muhammad shreef Afi, Syed Arif Sultan and Syed Basharat Hussain) will have to write a book on His life named "Safar e Tariqat". Muhammad Shareef said that why not He Himself give starting lines of the book. In response He just said that He used to hear Holy Quran before birth even.
26th May 1983 on Thursday at the time of Asar Prayer, He was reciting Zikar e Allah with His followers. Then He laid in bed and said "Allah, Allah.." few times and passed away.

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